Rebeca   *Adopted*


【Age】6.5 months old

  (Born in May 2018)


【Weight】8 kg


In April 2018, the rescuers saw a pregnant dog wandered in the countryside. She was in a bad shape and seemed very sick that no one would to go near her. The rescuers tried to gain her trust and lure her with food to capture her. It was not easy because the mother dog was scared of people and wanted to protect her babies. She tried to bite the rescuers as they were approaching her. Fortunately, the rescuers gained her trust in the end and took good care of her, along with nine healthy newborn puppies.

Rebeca is shy around strangers and will need to take some time and patience to warm up, but once she does, she is very cuddly and loves to follow her human everywhere! She loves nothing more than hugs and kisses. She loves to cuddle and snuggle on the couch once she trusts you and leaning on you when she sleeps. She loves toys and she loves to collect all her favorite toys on her bed. As much as she likes to play with her toys quietly at home, she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and running on trails that she would be a great partner for exercising. Rebeca is still young, continuous socialization training will help her to build up her confidence more. Rebeca walks well on a leash and she is crate-trained. Rebeca will grow to be medium-sized, roughly about 30lbs, with a short coat that will be easy to maintain. She knows to do her business outdoors and on training pads at home. Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.