Ray  *Adopted*

【Age】5 months old
(Est. born on August 10, 2018)

【Weight】14 kg

Ray was found abandoned in a cardboard box beside an industrial container when he was about a month old. He often seen sitting at the side of the road and staring at the road like he was waiting for someone to pick him up. The living environment was very filthy with sands, bugs and rotten leftover food in the bowl. Ray approached strangers and showed his affection to anyone that shows him kindness or offered him some food. The rescuer observed for a few days and no one came for Ray, therefore, the rescuer took Ray home and hoping to find him a permanent loving home that he deserves.


Ray is very obedient and very mature as a puppy. He is friendly to people, great with kids and not very interested in cats. Although at this young age, Ray is great staying at home alone, free roaming in the house while the foster mom went out for work during the day. He knows to do his business outdoor and on the artificial grass indoor. Ray walks well on a leash and can be playful with outdoor activities. Ray loves food and drinking water, but he doesn’t guard his food towards people or kids. Ray will grow to be on larger side of medium-sized or large-sized in his adulthood, with cute white furs on his legs that look like Ray is wearing white boots. He will definitely be a great companion as a hiking or jogging partner! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.