【Age】4 months old

  (Born on August 14, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】6.5 kg  


Raven’s mother was abandoned by her owner and was left alone on the streets. Not long after, she gave birth to 8 cute little pups and Raven is one of them.


Raven is a friendly little girl who enjoys making new friends all the time but the start girl she is, she’ll observe first before approaching to say hi. She is good with people but will still get a little shy at times. Raven is still a little scared at the sound of trucks or fast cars zooming by but with time, she will be able to gain her confidence! Little Raven loves food and is not food aggressive towards dogs or people but she does eat really fast, so she’ll need a maze bowl or a tennis ball in the bowl to help slow her down! She is ok in cars. She goes outside for potty and will use the peepad at home. Raven is still teething and loves playing with her toys, though sometimes she’ll mistaken what is hers and what is not.