【Age】1 year old

  (Born on March 1, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】16.5 kg


It was a cold Christmas night and that was the first time the rescuer saw Rabbit. Rabbit would run away when there were other strays in the area and would watch from a distance. One night, the rescuer was in her garage when she felt a light little tug on her sock and there was Rabbit. The rescuer fed Rabbit some food and every day since then, Rabbit would wait at her garage. Few days after, Rabbit appeared again and the rescuer asked her, “Would you like to go home with me?” Rabbit rolled over for a belly rub and dove right into the rescuer’s arms. Rabbit has been given a clean bill of health from the vet and now she is ready to find her forever home!


Rabbit is a sweet Formosan mix and maybe mix with a little bit of Heeler. She is fully grown and great with other dogs of all sizes! She loves to play with other dogs and enjoys making new doggie friends; this smart girl also knows to stay away if the other dog is not interested to interact. Rabbit is very affectionate, great with people, loves to go up for pets and cuddles and loves to be hugged. Rabbit is also very gentle and great with children. When it comes to meeting strangers, she isn’t scared and will go up to say hi! She is great with children and she enjoys playing with them as well. Rabbit loves food and she doesn’t guard her food towards people and other dogs. She goes outside for potty, but she is still learning at the moment and accidents in the house is expected. Rabbit is curious about cats and she will want to play with them gently sometimes. Rabbit is a well-behaved girl at home, on car-rides and even well-behaved during bathe time! Rabbit is fully grown and she will be great companion for outdoor activities or cuddle at home!