【Age】6 months old

  (As of Dec, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】8 kg  


Puma was found up in the mountains near a ravine in a tied-up garbage bag by a foster’s dog. The foster took her dogs up to the mountains for a hike and one of her dogs ran into the forest and led her to the garbage bag. She heard a little whimper and cry coming from the bag and after untying it, she saw poor little baby Puma in there. His eyes weren’t even opened yet 🙁


Puma is a sweet and gentle little boy who likes dogs and enjoys playing with his doggie pals. He’s good with people he knows but when it comes to meeting new people, he’s a little shy. Puma is good with kids and likes to play with them as well, but he will stay away from loud/active children. He loves food and is not food aggressive towards dogs or people. Puma goes outside for potty, but as he is still a young puppy, frequent walk is needed. Puma is great with cats as he lives with cats in the foster home since he was rescued. Puma is possibly a Lab/Formosan mix who will grow to be medium sized when fully grown and he will be a perfect running or hiking companion!