Ponpon *Adopted*

【Name】Pon Pon

【Age】4.5 months old

  (Est. born on Sept. 15, 2018)


【Weight】8.5 kg


Ponpon and his siblings were found at a pet-friendly park one day. The kind-hearted neighborhood built a small wooden dog house for them to keep warm and sleep through the nights, they also fed the siblings regularly at the spot. However, after a short while, the authority came in, asked to remove the dog house and the siblings from the park. Volunteers heard the news and decided to go and take over them. The siblings found their new homes one after another, but Ponpon is the last one left and hoping to find his furever family soon.


Ponpon is very friendly to everyone - adults, kids and male/female strangers. He is very affectionate and always looking for cuddles or petting on the head. Ponpon is food-motivated that he gets very excited and happy when he sees food, but he also knows that he has to sit and wait for the food to be offered to him and he doesn’t guard his food against people or other dogs. Ponpon loves to play with other dogs and befriend with new paw friends. He barks at other dogs on the walk sometimes to attract their attention and wanting to play with them. Ponpon is still going through house-training, although he knows to use peepads indoor, hit and miss is expected. Ponpon has good recall, but he can be stubborn sometimes when there are other fun things to do. Ponpon is unsure about cats and he gets nervous around the cats. He loves to be with people and be with other dogs that as a young puppy, he is still learning to be independent. He cries when being left alone at home, but he is highly trainable at this young age. Ponpon is a perfect companion to cuddle on the couch and also a perfect partner to explore outdoor adventures!