Polly *Adopted*


【Age】About 7 months old

(As of April 2018)


【Weight】9.3 kg


Polly was found abandoned near a cemetery and was so skinny you could see her bones. Her love mum came to her rescue but wasn’t on time to rescue her from an elderly man beating her with a stick. Polly cried with all her might and yet she didn’t know to run because she thought she could still have a chance in getting some food from this man. As soon as the love mum witnessed the scene, she took Polly home and foster her until now that Polly is ready to find a family who will love her forever!


Polly is great with people and just can’t get enough of belly rubs! She is great with other dogs as she has been fostered with other dogs under the same roof. She actually likes cat believe it or not!


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British Columbia, Canada

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