【Age】4.5 months

  (Est. Born in March, 2020)


【Weight】8.5 kg


Pobby appeared on the streets near a love mom’s house and she was all alone. When the love mom saw her, she quickly walked over and literally just picked her up. Little Pobby didn’t even know what happened but at the same time didn’t struggle and went home with the love mom. Pobby has been given a clean bill of health by the vet and she is now ready to find her own furever home!

Pobby is a goofy little girl who loves to play with dogs and wants to be friends with every dog she meets. She’s great with people and will flop over for belly rubs. Pobby is good with kids and will want to play with them. She’s an outgoing girl who isn’t afraid of anyone and so when it comes to meeting strangers, she’ll go over for pets and cuddles. She loves food and is not food aggressive towards people and other dogs. She goes potty outside but likes to take her time before doing her business. She likes cats and wants to play with them.