Pepsi  *Adopted*

【Age】About 3 years old

  (As of September 2019)
【Weight】19 kg

Pepsi is a sweet and snuggly girl that will not only warm your couch, but also warm your heart!


Fully grown (approximately 3 years old), Pepsi has a mellow and stable temperament. She is a little bit shy towards new people she meets, but is affectionate and trusting once she knows you are not here to harm her. Pepsi has excellent recall, is trained on proper leash walking, and unlike adopting a puppy, you can relax in knowing that she’s fully housetrained, and will not be chewing up your slippers! She is independent and does not have separation anxiety when left home alone. Apprehensive at first, Pepsi interacts well with other dogs although she is not really interested in playing with stranger dogs and would much rather stay by her person’s side. Pepsi is great in car rides and does not get car sick. Pepsi is always up for a walk, run, or hike, but can also be a couch potato when you just need a calm and quiet partner to binge-watch Netflix on a cold, rainy night.


Pepsi did not have the best past, mistreated and betrayed by previous owners, but you can see in her innocent eyes that she’s still hopeful and longing for the right person to give her a loving family.