Penny    *Adopted*

【Age】About 10 months old

(as of Dec., 2017)
【Weight】12 kg

Penny was found alone and scared by a love mom, who suspected that Penny was deserted not long ago. She quickly warmed up to the love mom and put her front legs around the love mom’s leg, as if saying ‘please don’t leave me!”.


In the four months since she was first found, Penny is now up-to-date with all her shots, and is a super friendly and happy puppy to both humans and canines. She enjoys chasing after and running around with her dog pals, but is also okay to be left alone, chewing on a bone in a quiet corner. Penny is also friendly toward strangers, both female and male. She doesn’t guard her food against humans, but is less friendly toward stranger dogs who want to get close to her yum-yums. Penny displays less interest in children and cats, but is gentle in their presence.

Penny already has a promising start with training. She’s great on a leash and behaves well on walks, and likes to do her business at designated spots. She’s pretty much crate-trained, and knows to go into the kennel voluntarily to sleep in there throughout the night. Penny is not a picky eater, and accepts food in any shape and size! See the love in her large, adorable puppy eyes? Look no further – she’s the perfect napping buddy on the couch or in front of the fireplace this holiday season! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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