Paulie  *Adopted*


【Age】About 2 years old

   (as of Aug 2018)


【Weight】18 kg


Paulie is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet! Her favourite things to do are snuggling up next to you and getting a belly rub, and eating! As she’s food-motivated, this will make training a lot easier! Paulie is equally friendly toward strangers, and often goes up for up-and-personal interactions too! She’s loves being around people, and loves getting loved in return.


Paulie can be both an active dog and a quiet dog. She would make a great hiking or surfing companion, but she’s also there to keep to company when you sit down to read a book. Like her Formosan mix family her creamy coat is short and will shed seasonally and minimally, requiring low attention. This adorable girl is healthy and ready to find a furever home for her to love and enjoy everything life has to give!

Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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