【Age】4 months old

  (Born on September 14, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】7 kg  


Owen and his littermates were born to a stray mother, who broke her leg from getting caught in a clamp trap. She gave birth to 6 healthy puppies a few days after getting rescued, and these puppers are now looking for their permanent, loving homes!


Owen loves playing with other dogs, and gets along with dogs of all sizes and temperaments. He’s equally friendly with humans and strangers, and allows children to hug and kiss him anytime. He’s indifferent about cats and never gives chase. Owen has no food aggression toward anyone nor other animals. Owen is mostly house-trained and knows to potty outdoor, but as he is still a very young puppy, accidents in the house is expected. Owen likes to think of himself as the big brother in the group and likes knowing what everyone’s up to! Owen will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown, possibly around 35lbs-45lbs.