【Age】4.5 month

  (Born on September 5 (est.))


【Weight】6.5 kg


Olive and her siblings were found under a tree in the park. At the time, they were wee puppies, and the rescuer didn’t have the heart to just walk away. Since then, the little furballs have been staying with their foster, taken to the vet for a complete health check-up, de-worming, and the necessary vaccination shots, and now they are ready to join their furever families!


Olive is smaller in size compared with her sisters, but a bubbly and happy girl nonetheless! She loves all people, kids, strangers, cats and of course dogs! She likes playing with dogs of all sizes and knows to draw her boundaries when they are playing too rough. She does not have food aggression toward anyone, and always gets her treat or toy taken away by her sisters! She’s currently undergoing house training and learning to do her business outside. Olive doesn’t like being left in a crate by herself. She’s always looking for something yummy to eat, but knows to sit like a good girl before being served.