【Age】1 year & 4 months old

  (Born on October 21, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】19 kg


Olaf appeared in a feeding area where a love dad goes to feed the strays there. The love dad started observing him and discovered that this goof ball is not only great with other dogs but every time after feeding, he’ll run to the grass field and sleep with all four legs up in the air. So the love dad decided to bring Olaf home to foster him and help finding a forever loving home for this sweet boy!


Olaf is a Formosan mix who is great with other dogs and loves to play with them, though sometimes he may be too excited, and it will scare the other dogs. Olaf is great with people and even with strangers that he meets that he’ll go up and say hi. When it comes to children, he’ll go up gently and let them pet him. He also enjoys playing with children too! Olaf loves food and he doesn’t guard his food towards people nor other dogs. Olaf is housetrained, but he likes to walk a bit longer before doing his business. He walks great on a leash and he doesn’t pull on the leash, except for when he is too excited to meet other doggie friends. Olaf loves going for car rides and he will hope into the car by himself and sits nicely. He is ok with cats that he is calm when the cats are next to him and he is not interested to interact with cats. Olaf will be a great companion for outdoor activities such as jogging and hiking. He is hoping to join his furever family soon!