Olaf  *Adopted*


【Age】5.5 months old

  (As of Jan 2019)


【Weight】9.5 kg


Olaf was rescued when he was about three months old near a beach trail. He hid in the bush near the walkway and cried quietly most of the time, but when someone walked by, he would come out of the bush to approach people, wagging his tail and begging for food. He had a wound at his back and serious skin infection at the time. Seeing the wound was getting worse every day, a jogger didn’t have the heart to leave him there, so he posted online and hoping someone will come rescue Olaf. One of the volunteers saw the posting and rushed there for Olaf right away!


Olaf is now a healthy and happy puppy! He acts more mature and calmer than an average puppy. Depending on his mood, he sometime stays at a corner to play with his toys alone quietly, but sometimes, he will keep approaching people (including strangers) for unlimited cuddles and pettings. Olaf is food-motivated, but he doesn’t steal other dog’s food and knows to sit and wait quietly until his turn. He walks well on a leash and knows to stay close to his handler or to stay with the pack. Olaf is great with other dogs, kids and strangers, but he is afraid of cats and he will stay as far away from cats as possible. Olaf knows to use training pads indoor, but some hit and miss is still expected. He will grow to be medium-sized in his adulthood. Olaf loves outdoor activities and he will be a great companion for jogging or hiking.