Ola  *Adopted*

【Age】9 months old

  (Est. born in January 2019)
【Weight】13 kg

When the rescuer saw Ola in a park for the first time, she was wandering around alone, wearing a worn-out collar, and wagging her tail as she approached everyone for pets. The rescuer went to the same park the next day and Ola was still doing the same - approaching every strangers for pets and belly rubs. The rescuer took Ola to the vet to scan her microchip and located the owner. Turns out the owner just adopted Ola two weeks ago and abandoned Ola in the park as they no longer want a dog and Ola had skin infection with ticks at the time. Thus, the rescuer took over Ola and go through the medical treatments for her that she is fully healthy and ready to join a family who truly loves her!


Ola is great with people, both adults and children, including strangers. She loves to snuggle with people and show how much she loves them. When she sees a cat, she will go over to sniff them with curiosity and leaves if the cat is not interested to befriend. Ola loves people more than dogs, although she will approach new dogs with curiosity, she only plays with certain dogs that she likes and stay away from others. Ola is not afraid of sudden loud sounds such as thunder and fireworks, but she is not familiar with the sound of traffic and might want to run away. Ola is mostly house-trained, but she still has a few accidents in the house that she will need a bit more training in house-training. Ola is on the smaller-side of medium-sized and about fully grown. However, she is still in the teething/puppy stage that she will need toys and exercise to release her puppy energy!