Nora  *Adopted*


【Age】5 months old

  (As of Jan 2019)


【Weight】10 kg


Nora, Lora and their two other littermates were abandoned by the sea in Eastern Taiwan, and survived on salt water and dead fish. Fortunately, a love dad found them early on, and began feeding them regularly. Originally, they were scheduled to go through TNR (Trap–neuter–return), but seeing how friendly and loveable the sisters are, the love mom and dad decided to help them find furever loving homes!


Nora is the shier and quieter sister, and usually takes a while to familiarize herself with new surrounding and people. She is ok with kids, but tends to keep her distance from more active children. She is just a mild- and sweet-tempered girl! The only thing that can make her forget about being shy is yummy treats and delicious food, and this will come in handy when her new family brings her home! Nora prefers doing her business outdoor, so re-house training her should not be an issue. Nora and Lora will most likely grow up to be medium-sized dogs. Nora is current with her shots and ready to join the waiting arms of her new family!