Niu Niu  *Adopted*

【Name】Niu Niu

【Age】10 months old

  (As of July 2018)


【Weight】14 kg


Niu Niu was born along with Happy and 7 other siblings to a stray mother in Southern Taiwan. To protect her puppies, Niu Niu’s mother attacked some tourists in the area, and all 10 dogs would have been taken to meet their ends if it weren’t for a love mom’s kind heart and quick action. Niu Niu was initially quiet and shy, and never got close to strangers even at the sight (smell?) of yummy treats. When her foster siblings are busy running and playing outside, Niu Niu often stays behind to guard the home when everyone’s out. She adapts very well to new environments and learns everything very quickly. She knows to play with toys, where to do her business, but never chews on furniture or anything she’s not supposed to. Niu Niu is not interest in cats, however, she’s super friendly to both kids and dogs!


Niu Niu likes being with her humans. She doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety and has no tendency of wanting to be the alpha. As such, she’d make an excellent addition to a family with kids and pets! Niu Niu has been house-trained and does her business on the lawn. She likes to be clean and would run to the balcony if she can no longer hold it! Niu Niu is low maintenance when it comes to her beauty routine, and is up-to-date with all shots. Message us if you are interested in bringing this sweet girl home and giving her a lifetime of love and happiness!

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