Nini *Adopted*

【Age】5 months old

  (Est. born on Sept. 15, 2018)
【Weight】6 kg

Nini was born in the shelter. Her siblings had all adopted out from the shelter, but for some reason, Nini was the last one left. Seeing Nini was so quiet and all alone, a volunteer at the shelter brought Nini out and took her home to foster her until she finds her permanent home.  


Nini is a precious little princess who is very quiet and obedient. She loves people, including strangers and she is more affectionate towards male than female. Nini is good with children, as long as they approach her gently and slowly, but she won't approach them by herself. Nini may be startled easily by sudden noise or big movement though. Nini is great and playful with dogs if the the other dog invite her to play, and she doesn't approach other dogs by herself. She is great with cats and not interested in them as she is used to living with lots of cats in the foster home. Nini eats gently and doesn't guard her food against people, but she will let out a growl when other dogs approach her when she's eating. Nini knows to do her business outdoor or use training pads at home as well.