Nina  *Adopted*

【Age】5 months old

  (Est. born on February 2019)
【Weight】6.5 kg

Nina appeared out of no where at a local neighbourhood one day, and rescuers suspect that she was randomly abandoned. At the time, she was only about a month old, and rescuers quickly helped relocate her to her foster family. Nina tucks her tail between her legs when approached by strangers or new dogs for the first time, and needs some time and space to get used to them. Once she gets to know the new person/dog, she is friendly and plays well with the dog!


Nina is currently learning house-training and walking better on leash. She stops and gets unsure at loud noises that are too close to her. She is highly food-motivated, so this could be used as a positive reinforcement for when she does something well and should be rewarded. Nina does not have food aggression, but stops eating if anyone comes close to her food. She’s great with basic commands (such as sit, down, shake), and doesn’t suffer from car sickness. She’s also been crate-trained and is normally calm and quiet when she’s in her little space. Nina is looking for a patient and loving family to take her in and give her a stable and happy life she deserves!