Nike  *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (As of November 2019) 


【Weight】6 kg  


Nike was found in a garbage bag when he was less than two weeks old. The rescuer was walking her dog and suddenly the dog pulled very hard on a leash and stopped in front of a black garbage bag. The rescuer heard the crying sound coming from the garbage bag, so she opened and bag and found Nike. Nike has been fostered by the rescuer from the day and now he is ready to start his second chance in life!


Nike is well-socialized, loves to interact with people and very cuddly with people he trust. Nike is very friendly to people, including strangers that he will wag his tail and wait patiently for petting from strangers. He loves children and loves to be petted by children as well, including children that he just met. Nike is a playful boy and he enjoys playing/running with his paw friends as well. Nike is ok with cats that he is a little curious and want to sniff, but never aggressive nor bark at the cats. Nike is more interested in people, other dogs than cats. Nike loves food and treats and he doesn’t guard his food against people. Nike also loves all kinds of toys! Nike is a happy puppy that he is always playing, eating, sleeping and repeat. Nike is currently learning house-training and as a young puppy, he needs to have frequent walks to learn housetraining. Nike is a Lab/Formosan Mix and he will grow to be medium sized in his adulthood who will be a perfect companion for outdoor activities and a perfect cuddle buddy at home!