Nico *Adopted*

【Name】 Nico

【Age】4 months old

  (As of October 2019)

【Gender】 Male

【Weight】 7 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Neutered

Nico and his siblings, Nina and Nita were born a stay by their stay mom in the mountain. A person drove by, saw the mother dog and the pups leaning against each other under the rain, he posted online for help and our volunteer went over to rescued them to her care!


Nico is an affectionate and cuddly little boy! He is great with people and friendly with both male/female strangers as well! He loves to be with people and loves to he held. He is great with other dogs and loves to play with both big/small dogs. He will be nervous (but still calm) being around cats at first, but he gets used to cats very fast that he will also wag his tail to show he’s friendly! After a few encounters with the same cat, he will start to play gently with the cat. Nico loves food, but he doesn’t guard his food against people nor other dogs. Nico is still learning house-training, but he prefers to potty outdoor and he will hold as long as he can until going outside. Nico is a calm, yet playful puppy who would be a perfect companion to cuddle at home, going to social functions to meet new friends or going for outdoor adventures!