【Age】7 months

  (est) As of January 2020


【Weight】12 kg


Poor Nicky was found in a cardboard box and he was dropped off on the doorstep of one of our foster's home at a young age. Nicky stayed with the foster since then and now he is ready to find his own forever home!


Nicky is quiet and calm at home, but he can also be very active and playful outdoor. Nicky is well-socialized with people and other animals. He loves other dogs, including dogs he just met and loves to go crazy with his doggie pals. He loves children and loves to go near them for pets and hugs. When meeting strangers, he’ll go up for pets and kisses as well. Nicky loves food and he doesn't guard his food against people nor other dogs. He is house-trained, but accidents are expected in the beginning in a new environment. Nicky is friendly yet curious about cats, he will follow and sniff their butts at first, once he knows them, he can lay quietly next to cats. Nicky will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown, possibly around 35lbs-40lbs. He will be a perfect companion for outdoor activities during the day and snuggling on the couch at night!