Nelly  *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (Born on June 15, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】6.5 kg


Nelly and her siblings were found abandoned in a small temple near a cemetery in the mountains. In July 2019, A love mom was doing her usual routine feeding the strays around the area when she saw an elder man with a bin heading up towards the temple and when he left, there was two new pups in the area. A month later, the third pup was found around the area which obviously is from the same litter as the previous two pups, The love mum ended up taking these pups home and now they’re ready to go to their forever home!


Nelly is a sweet little girl who likes people and playful with her doggie friends. She likes to play with dogs, but is a bit more cautious when it comes to bigger dogs, just because she’s afraid to get bullied. Nelly is good with both male and female strangers and can be cuddled by anyone! Nelly is gentle and playful with children! Nelly gets along very well with cats and she likes to give cats kisses, same as when she sees her doggie friends. This little girl loves food but she doesn’t guard his food against anyone or other animals. Nelly prefers to potty outdoor, but as a young pup, she won’t be able to hold her bladder for a long timeframe and needs to be taken out for potty breaks frequently. Nelly is a gentle and friendly girl who’s hoping to join her forever loving family soon!