【Age】7 months
  (As of August 2020)
【Weight】15 kg

>> Background History <<

Nelly and Nana was rescued from a shelter by a volunteer, just before the shelter was going to released (TNR) them back to the area where they was found. The volunteer took both Nelly and Nana out of the shelter and into her foster care. After a few months in the foster home, Nelly is now ready to find her own forever home! 


>> Temperament <<

Nelly is a gentle and calm girl. She is great with cats and gentle with children. Nelly is great with her dog friends and loves to play with other dogs in the park. When meeting new dogs, she knows to keep her distance to observe if the other dog is friendly. Nelly is not shy with strangers, but she won’t approach them actively either. She will let both male & female strangers to pet her if they approach her slowly and gently. She loves treats/food and she can also gladly share her food with other dogs or people. Nelly doesn’t care about the sound of traffic, but ambulance sirens may startle her sometimes. Nelly is mostly housetrained, but in a new environment, accidents in the house is expected. Nelly is calm at home and loves to stay by her human’s side like a shadow. Nelly is a Formosan mix and she will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown, possibly around 40lbs.


Note: One of Nelly’s toe nails fell off when she bumped into a rock while playing. The wound is about healed and it doesn’t affect her from walking. The vet said the nail should grow back soon!