Neil *Adopted*


【Age】10 months old

  (Born on Sept 1, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】16 kg


Neil was rescued in early 2019 at a riverside. He was stick thin at that time and he would approach anyone to beg for food. A visitor saw how friendly he is and couldn't bear to left him there, so she posted online for help. A volunteer saw the post and rush over to rescue him and fostered him back to health that he is now ready to find his own furever home!


Neil is a friendly, goofy and playful boy, He is great with dogs and loves to play with his dog buddies. He is super friendly to dogs, even to those who show aggression to him! Neil is affectionate to people and loves to approach people for pets. He is not afraid of both male and female strangers. He’s also good and gentle with children as well that he would approach them to play. Neil loves food but he doesn't guard his food against other dogs nor people. He goes outside for potty, at the same time, he also knows to use the peepad at home. Neil is curious about cats and he always wants to play with them. Neil is not suitable for family with cats, unless the cats like to play with dogs as well. Neil is medium-sized and mostly fully-grown. He is looking for a family who will cuddle with him all the time!