【Age】6 months old

  (Born on June 14, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】13 kg  


A volunteer saw Nana and her 5 other siblings wandering the streets with their mother. She started to feed them for about a week but living on the streets was not the safest for them. 3 pups were killed by cars and 1 went missing. The volunteer decided to take the rest of 2 pups in to foster and help them find their loving homes. The mother dog was adopted by a vendor nearby. 


Nana is a gentle and sweet girl. She loves being with dogs and very playful with other dogs. Nana also loves to interact with people and loves to be petted and being held. Even though she’s shy and nervous when strangers try to pet or hug her, she will still let people pet/hug her if they approach her slowly or when there are treats involved! With treats, she opens up so much faster! Once she warms up to you, she is a sweet, cuddling girl who loves to follow you around to stay by your side! Nana is nervous around kids, but she will sit and let kids to pet her as well if they approach her gently, but she will stay away from loud/active kids. Nana loves food and although she doesn’t guard her food towards people, she sometimes let out a growl when other dogs approach her while eating. With time and training, this can be easily corrected when she knows there are always food that she won’t starve again. Nana prefers to go outside for potty, but as she is a young pup, accidents in the house is still expected. Nana is curious yet gentle and friendly towards cats that she is never aggressive to cats. Nana loves outdoor activities and she will be a great companion for running, jogging or hiking!