Morgan  *Adopted*

【Name】 Morgan

【Age】 4 months old

  (Born on May 28, 2019 (est.))

【Gender】 Male

【Weight】 7 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Neutered

Modo and her siblings, Morgan and Dodo, were found in July suffering from serious skin disease. After a 21-day treatment at the vet, the siblings were given a clean bill of health and sent to their foster with the hopes of finding the puppers loving, furever families. When Morgan was rescued, he had severe skin disease and even though he is fully healed now, the vet said that there might be some spots where fur cannot fully grow in the future, especially the area on Morgan's back.


Morgan is a natural-born goofball! Like his siblings Modo and Dodo, he is comfortable in any environment, and is well socialized. Morgan sometimes can’t read other dogs’ emotions well, but that never deters her from getting close to play more! He also likes getting close to cats. Morgan does his business outside, but knows to use the training pad at home too. As she is only 4 months old, she needs to be taken out for pee breaks at least 3 times a day. Modo has no food aggression toward people or dogs during meal times, but gets distracted and wants to eat what’s in other dogs’ bowls. We’re hoping to find Morgan his happily-ever family who would love him as he is!