Momo *Adopted*

【Name】 Momo

【Age】 4 months old

  (Born on May 1, 2019 (est.))

【Gender】 Female 

【Weight】 8.5 kg 

【Spayed/Neutered】 Spayed

This black beauty is Momo! Mom and her sister were very lucky to be rescued when they were less than a week old. Momo’s stray mother gave birth to 5 puppies by an industrial area, but when they were found, 3 puppies had no sign of breath. The rescuer took Momo, her sister and the mother dog home to take care of them and hoping to find them their forever homes when they are ready!


Momo is super friendly and loves being with people! She is not afraid of strangers and rolls over to get belly rubs all the time! She is also friendly to kids and licks their hand as a sign of friendship. She likes chasing after dogs who show no interest in her, but sits down nervously when other dogs come to sniff her. She doesn’t chase after cats and keeps her distance from them. Momo loves yummy treats and likes chewing on squeaky toys. She is quite attached to her humans and loves leaning on them to show affection. Momo loves food, but doesn’t guard her food against anyone. She will need to continue with house-training at her new home and she prefers to do her business on the grass as well. Momo is current with all shots and looks forward to joining a loving, forever family in Vancouver!