【Age】Est. 1.5 years old

  (As of December 2019) 


【Weight】9 kg  


Minnie appeared near a temple and wandered there for days. She didn’t have any collar on her but yet she was very friendly and will roll over for belly rubs to anyone she sees. After asking around, a lady said a few days ago, she saw a young fella ride up with Minnie in his scooter and played with her a little before riding off by himself leaving her there. The reason why Minnie was still there was because she was waiting for her owner to come back!


Minnie is a sweet little girl who enjoys playing with her doggy friends and will initiate play with every dog. She’s great with people and she will flip over for belly rubs even when it comes to strangers. When it comes to kids, she loves them and will go over to give kisses. She’s not sensitive to sounds and is a steady girl. Minnie loves food and is not food aggressive towards people nor other dogs. She goes outside for potty and learnt from her fellow foster doggie pals on using peepads indoor. Such a smart girl! She’s not much of a barker but will bark when she wants to play with other dogs she meets. Minnie is a little shy when it comes to cats. She will stay from a distance to observe cats and sit still when the cats approach her then she will secretly sniff them when they’re not looking at her. Minnie loves to be with people, but if her human are busy, she can also play with her toys quietly by the side.