Mini  *Adopted*

【Age】Est, 1.5~2 years old

  (As of March 2019)
【Weight】8 kg

Mini's owner is a single mum who was in an abusive relationship. The owner ran away from her abusive ex-husband with her two kids and Mini. With not a lot of money on hand, Mini's owner rented a small garage so the four of them can stay together and hide away from her ex-husband. Being a single mum and trying to support Mini and her kids, every meal was a struggle. People in the neighbourhood often look down on Mini's owner and would chase and beat Mini when they see her on the streets. Not long after, Mini gave birth to a cute litter of pups but this caused more anger in the neighbourhood. One day, Mini disappeared and the owner thought that maybe Mimi died so she gave away all Mini's pups. 2 weeks later, Mini appeared and she was following weakly behind two kids. She had wounds all over her and this also included bite marks. We don't know what Mini has gone through, but we know it must be something very terrifying and the will to survive to come home to her pups must have been what got Mimi through those horrible times. The owner let go of Mini when she returns due to piles of medical expense, a volunteer helps to take care of Mini for her recovery and we hope Mini will have a good loving home that she dearly deserved. Mini is now healthy and ready to join her furever loving family anytime!


Mimi is very friendly to dogs and loves to play. She loves people and she especially loves kids!! She loves to snuggle up and give you all her love. Definitely loves the attention! Mimi loves food and she is not food aggressive. She goes outside for potty and doesn't care too much about cats.