Min *Adopted*


【Age】5.5 months old

  (As of February 2019)


【Weight】5 kg


Min, Fiona, Maggie and Anna are siblings. The mother dog was a stray, captured and sent to the shelter where she gave birth to Min and her siblings. The shelter environment is not suitable for the puppies and their mother to live, so a volunteer brought them out of the shelter and foster them until they are ready to join their permanent loving families.


Min is the only male in the litter, and he is the shiest among the siblings (but still playful!). Min is very friendly to people, but when he meets a stranger, he freezes sometimes and doesn’t know what to do. He will still let strangers to pet or hug him though! Continuous socialization will definitely help him to build up his confidence. Min is great with other dogs and very playful with them. Min also loves to be with people and loves to give hugs and kisses to people he knows. He loves to cuddle as much as she loves to play with her toys. Min is food motivated and he is not picky when it comes to food which will comes in handy for training. Min knows to do her business outdoor, but as a puppy, he is still in the progress of house-training and he is not able to hold his bladder for a long duration. At this tender age, Min is highly trainable and will be able to quickly adjust to her new family’s lifestyle! Min will grow to be medium sized in his adulthood with a beautiful brindle coat!