Miles *Adopted*


【Age】About 9 months old

  (Born in Feb 2018)


【Weight】14 kg


Miles had the misfortune of getting hit by a taxi when he was less than 2 months old, but lucky for him, the taxi driver didn’t leave him to die and instead, the driver brought him in to a local shelter. When the rescuer visit the shelter one day for another dog, she decided to bring Miles out of the shelter as well, because she knew, it Miles stayed in the shelter, he will not receive the treatment that he needed. As a result of his injuries, the vet was able to save his broken front left leg, but had to amputate his back right leg due to severe and infected wound. Since his life-saving surgery and being taken care by his rescuer for over half a year, Miles is now a healthy and active boy, and loves to play with his friends like any other puppy!


With a missing back leg, it doesn’t bother Miles at all!! Miles not only gets along well with other dog friends, he also loves being with people. He is active, and likes yummy treats and food very much. His gentle nature makes him a great addition to any family, and he would do well with a family who could give him the love and patience he needs! Miles is in the process of being house-trained, although he’s already learned to use the peepad at home. Inquire to learn more about Miles and how you could bring this sweet, kind boy home!

Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.