【Age】6 months

  (Est. born in February 2020)


【Weight】9 kg


It was a rainy day and a rescuer was on her way to go buy some stuff when she saw a cardboard box and there was there puppies in there! They were only about a month old!! Someone had obviously dumped them there in the rain and left them to die. The rescuer quickly took them to the vet and took them into her care. Now they’re all ready for their furever homes! Miko, Mina and Mini are siblings.


Miko is a friendly little girl who loves to play with her doggies friends and even if a dog growls or bullies her, she still wants to be friends with them. She is good with people she knows and enjoys cuddling. Miko is a little scared of strangers but she will still let them pet her, but loud or sudden movements will still scare her. She’s good with kids once she warms up and knows who they are. She loves food and she is not food aggressive towards people nor other dogs. She gobbles her food like no tomorrow though, so she will need to learn to eat slower! Miko is still learning about house-training, so accidents in the house is expected. Miko is curious about cats that she will want to sniff them, but she doesn’t care much about them after a few sniffs.