May *Adopted*


【Age】1 years & 3 months old

  (As of July 2018)


【Weight】11 kg


May was first found abandoned at a local park last cold winter. The love mom wanted to bring May home, but she was already fostering 10 dogs and had constant complaints from her neighbours. As such, the love mom decided to keep May at the park for the time being, but went to feed her everyday. One day when she arrived at the park, she saw an old man chasing after and trying to hit May with his cane. Many times he almost hit her head, and others at the park did nothing to stop him. Right then and there the love mom decided to bring May home.


And good thing she did. May has a wonderful personality; she gets along with her foster siblings splendidly. She never guards her food against anyone and is always friendly and playful with her peers. She’s good with strangers, and allows them to pet her while she wags her tail happily. May is also very friendly with children, although she tends to be a little scared of cats. May loves food in all shapes and sizes (and flavours!), and looks forward to taking a stroll and running around outside. She’s great on a leash! Although she’s still a bit nervous in the public with many people around her, she’s a very personable and obedient puppy well-behaved for her age. May is already house-trained and will benefit from more training at her new home. How could you resist May’s big, round, gentle, and trusting eyes when she stares at you adoringly? Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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