【Age】4 months old

  (As of November 2019) 


【Weight】5 kg  


Max was found in a field by a love mom where she took him in under her care but she already has close to 500 dogs and this was not an environment for little Max to grow up in. The love mom took them to adoption events every week, but majority of the people who want to adopt doesn’t meet the standards or only looking for pure breeds, so volunteers decided to see if they can help Max find a forever loving home overseas.


Max is a sweetheart who loves playing with his doggie pals and meeting new doggie friends. He’s nervous around children and strangers, but he is still able to let kids and strangers pet him. With time and patience, Max will warm up and show you how sweet he really is! Max loves food and is not food aggressive towards people nor dogs. He goes outside for potty, but is still learning potty training. He is scared of cats, because he can’t figure out what they are yet, so he will just hide or stay away from cats. Max will grow to be on the smaller side of medium-sized in his adulthood. He can be calm and quiet at home, but also active and playful outdoors!