Max  *Adopted*


【Age】11 months old

  (As at April 2019)


【Weight】17 kg


Max was rescued along with his mom and sister. When he was young he did not like walking as his joint did not develop properly. A successful surgery corrected the issue, but he kept the habit of walking as little as possible, so sometimes he would stop and lie down on the spot on his walks, even though he’s no longer in pain. Frequent short walks or even aqua fitness sessions might help him train the muscle group around the joint and rebuild his confidence.


By nature, Max is outgoing, affectionate, friendly, and kind toward dogs and humans. His favourite activity is playing with other dogs, otherwise when alone he gets bored and might invent new games (such as nibbling on random objects) to keep himself entertained. Max barks happily when he sees people he knows. Max is current with his shots and healthy, and hoping that a loving new family will help him grow into an even happier and physically active dog than he already is!