Matt  *Adopted*

【Name】 Matt

【Age】 4 months old

  (Est. Born on March 18)

【Gender】 Male

【Weight】 8.5 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Neutered

Matt and his 2 other siblings were rescued from the mountains on a rainy day. The rescuer saw them by chance and took them under her care.


Matt has a great temperament and loves to social with people and dogs. Matt loves playing with other dogs but he’ll also keep his distance if other dogs aren’t too nice to him. He’s an outgoing guy who loves everyone and enjoys interacting with anyone, including strangers! Matt is also curious and playful with kids as well. Matt loves food and is not food aggressive to people nor other dogs. He is curious about cats that he will approach them gently to sniff, but never aggressive nor chase the cats. Matt knows to go outside for potty, but he is still a very young puppy, so accidents in the house is expected!