Martin  *Adopted*


【Age】4 months (as of Sept 2018)


【Weight】7.4 kg


A stray mother dog wandered into a family’s backyard one day, and gave birth to Martin and his littermates. Initially the family tried to keep the mother and her 9 pups, however, the grandpa of the family decided to throw them away. Fortunately, his grandson quickly reached out to the rescuers, and they managed to save all the dogs and placed them in foster homes until they are ready for adoption.


Martin has a very gentle personality and likes to befriend other dogs! He’s also friendly with cats, and is a well-behaved and obedient puppy. He knows to do his business outdoors and knows to do his business at a designated spot indoor. Martin still needs further training on a leash, but he follows his handler closely. He loves running and rolling around on the grass! At home, Martin knows how to go up and down the stairs, and loves nothing more than yummy treats and interesting toys to play with. He never guards his food against anyone. Martin would make a great addition to any family – owning a pet for the first time or have other animals already. He is current with all shots and looks forward to starting his exciting life of love, food and lots of walks with a new forever family!

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British Columbia, Canada

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