【Age】2 years & 2 months old

  (Born on September 5, 2017 (est.)) 


【Weight】18 kg  


Mario was found in a battered state of health: skin issues, bone-thin, peeling nails, and blood in urine. Upon being rescued, he received all the proper medical care and treatment needed in order to nurse him back to health. Thankfully, this strong fighter bounced back, and is now a happy, healthy and energetic boy looking for a furever home and a family to love.


Mario is good with dogs and cats, but tends to keep his distance and doesn’t really play with them. He is not too fond of overly passionate puppies. He loves hoomans and being with them, on the other hand, and likes tagging along and following them everywhere. Mario is good with children and lets them pet him. He’s also quite at ease with strangers, although he doesn’t like to be pet on the head right away and prefers to be touched on his chest after letting him sniff the hand a bit. Mario does not have food aggression toward dogs or hoomans. He loves treats so that’s a great way to get him to warm up to you. He likes doing his business outside on grass, and is currently taken out 3 times a day. He does well on car rides. Mario had a rough start, but we’re hoping to find him a patient, loving family who can give him lifelong love, care and fun adventures!