【Age】2 years old

 (Est. born on January 1, 2018) 


【Weight】17.5 kg  


Marcy was rescued from the shelter in August 2019. She was caught from the streets and has been in the shelter for over a year (since April 2018). Day by day, she was getting skinnier due to the lack of food she was getting. A rescuer saw Marcy and decided to take her out of the horrible shelter place and take into her care.


Marcy is a sweet girl who loves playing with her doggie pals but when she meets new dogs, she’s a bit more cautious and will watch before approaching to play. She’s great with people and wants cuddles from everyone, even from strangers! Marcy likes kids and enjoys being with them, but she will stay away from unfamiliar children with sudden/big movements. She is scared of sudden loud sounds and she will run and hide. This darling loves food and she is not food aggressive towards people, but she guards her food from other dogs. With time and training, she will be able to correct this behaviour. Right now, she’s able to eat snacks with other dogs around. Marcy goes outside for potty and she is well-behaved during bath time! She’s curious about cats and would want to play. Marcy is a very smart girl and she learns her routine fast. She loves outdoor activities and she will be a perfect companion for a family who loves outdoor adventures!