Maggie  *Adopted*


【Age】About 5 months old

(as of April 2018)


【Weight】12.7 kg


Maggie is currently living with the foster in Vancouver, BC and ready to join her forever home anytime!


Maggie was rescued on the street when she was about 2 months old. When the rescuer saw her, she was hiding under a car and wouldn’t come out, but as soon as the rescuer brought a dog to meet Maggie, she came out right away to play! Maggie is great with other dogs and loves to befriend with every dog in sight. She’s a bit shy and cautious around strangers, but like other puppies, feeding her yummy treats is the best way to bring her guard down. Once she warms up to you, she will keep coming for more petting and snuggles!


Maggie enjoys outdoor activities and also enjoys staying at home quietly. She can be very active and playful outdoors or comfortably snuggles on the couch at home. She is easily entertained by a bottle, a piece of fabric, or anything to chew on, but doesn't chew on or destroy furniture. Maggie loves to eat, but she will not guard her food. She's looking forward to starting her lifelong adventures with her new humans!

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British Columbia, Canada

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