【Age】5 months

  (Est. Born in March, 2020)


【Weight】11 kg


Mag was found by a love mum who was feeding strays in the area. She was crying in pain and hiding behind a tree. It seemed like someone had beaten and fractured her leg. The poor little thing was rushed to the vet where she received surgery and is now ready to find her forever home!


Mag is a curious little girl when it comes to meeting new dogs and loves to play with her playmates! She is good with the people she knows and likes to play with her hoomans. She really enjoys playing with kids because the foster family she grew up in has kids. Mag is curious when it comes to strangers and will go smell them out before initiating play. When her hooman is chatting with other people, she will sit or lie down quietly. She loves food and is not food aggressive towards people and other dogs. Mag loves to play with toys especially the ones that makes the squeaking sounds. She enjoys bath time and is still training on potty! She’s a smart girl so she’s almost there. She likes to play with cats even after they smack her, she still wants to be friends. Mag is a Formosan mix and she is expected to grow to be on the larger side of medium sized, possibly between 45lbs.-55lbs. when fully grown.

Note: Arrives in Vancouver on July 23, 2020