【Age】1 year & 7 months

  (Born on June 5, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】16.5 kg


Madonna was abandoned by her previous owner, and just appeared in the neighborhood one day. She had a purple collar on and sat down upon sight of food, but her owner never came back for her. As such, rescuers decided to find her a new, furever home as this sweet girl deserves her Second Chance In Life!


Madonna gets along well with cats, and likes cuddling with kids! She never jumps on people and would either stand or sit still for people to pet her. She lets strangers pet her, but she’s easy to win over if you had treats in your hand! She’s a shy one when it comes to playing with other dogs, and would bow her head and wait for the other dog to show friendly signs before engaging. She has no food aggression toward anyone, and is mostly house-trained. She can be left on her own, where she would just lie down for a nap. Madonna is looking forward to join a family who truly loves her!