Macy *Adopted*

【Age】4.5 months old

  (As of April 2019)
【Weight】7.5 kg

Macy was found in a shelter by a foster and she brought Macy out to foster with the intention to find her a better life!

Macy is a smart little girl who needs sometime in the beginning to open up and once she does, all she wants is to cuddle and roll over for belly rubs! Sudden or big movements will scare her, so you’ll have to go slow! Because Macy is new to the world and she haven’t seen a lot of things. She will be nervous towards any unfamiliar things, such as smells, people or objects. Reassuring that everything is fine with good pets on the head, she will get better over time. Once she trusts her human, she will follow them everywhere even when off-leashed. Macy is great and playful with other dogs, being with her pals will help her to warm up faster. Macy doesn’t guard her food against people, but she does guard against other dogs sometimes, with training, she’ll learn it’s ok to share! Macy knows to go outside for potty, but as a young pup, accidents in the house is expected. Macy is good with cats that she tends to ignore them. As a Lab/Formosan mix, Macy will grow to be medium-sized in her adulthood.