Mabel *Adopted*

【Age】9 months old

  (Est. born on November 2018)
【Weight】14 kg

Mabel was rescued from an over-crowded shelter. A volunteer went to help out at the shelter and saw her limping around, and it turned out that she had a bone fracture. The shelter didn’t have enough resources for the treatment, so the volunteer took Mabel out of the shelter to take care of and foster her until she is ready for a second chance in life!​

Mabel is great with dogs and gets along with cats, as she is not too interested in cats. She is gentle, loving and affectionate with people she trusts. She loves food but is not a picky eater. Mabel walks well on leash and she is great during car-rides. Mabel might be nervous in a new outdoor environment as she hasn't been outdoor much, but with time, she will gain more confidence.