Luther  *Adopted*


【Age】1 year old

  (Est. born on Feb 1, 2018)


【Weight】14 kg


Luther was abandoned as a young pup at a traditional market. To survive, he roamed the stalls looking for anything edible. The vendors did not like seeing strays around, and poured boiling hot water on Luther to drive him away. A kind-hearted visitor saw Luther as he lay at a corner in the market from the pain. He rushed Luther to the vet for immediate and proper medical care, but the incident left permanent scars on his tummy and legs.


Despite going through such harrowing ordeal, Luther never lost his love for people. He is super friendly and is not afraid of meeting strangers. In fact, with his big smiles he can pretty much befriend anyone! Luther also loves running around and playing with other furends! At his tender age, Luther would benefit from basic training classes and continuous socialization. Luther will make a great hiking buddy, and a warm personal and portable heater at home in this cold winter! Inquire today to find out more about Luther!