Luro  *Adopted*


【Age】2.5 years old

  (as of June 2018)


【Weight】14 kg


Luro and her brother were rescued from a hospital, where they were abandoned by their owner after they got sick. When they were first rescued and moved in to the foster home, Luro and her brother had no manners; they fought with each other for food and sometimes just for fun. Gradually, however, under the guidance of the foster mom, they learned proper social behavior from other foster siblings, and have made tremendous progress since. Luro knows to only eat when it’s her turn, and no longer guard her food against humans. However, she still guards her food from other dogs sometime and will need further training on this area.


Luro is friendly to both people and dogs and is not afraid of strangers or males. She is mild-tempered and loves getting her belly rubbed! When out on a walk, Luro stays close to her handler and never ventures too far away on her own. She behaves very well at the vet; Luro is one of those dogs that are not afraid of needles and physical check-up! This girl has had a rough start, but she’s come a long way in learning how to be a well-mannered dog and a value addition to any family! Inquire or apply today to learn more about Luro and welcome her to your loving family! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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