Luna  *Adopted*


【Age】6.5 months old

  (As of March 2019)


【Weight】9 kg


Luna was a stray living with a group of stray dogs around one of the love mom's usual feeding ground. The neighbourhood reported the strays to the city and the authorities came to capture them. When the love mom arrived, all the dogs were gone, but Luna left behind because she hid at a corner in the underground passage. The love mom took Luna home to foster her and hoping to find her a forever home.

Luna is a very quiet and gentle girl. She is great and friendly towards people and children, although she will need some time to warm up first. She is shy of strangers that she might freeze, but she will still let strangers pet or hug her. She is very affectionate to people she trusts and loves to cuddle. Luna is great with kids and she warms up to kids much faster than adults. Luna is great with all dogs, even dogs she just met and she can be playful with them if the other dogs wants to play. Luna loves going out for walks, but she needs to build up her confidence at busy streets. Luna doesn’t guard her food/toys against people nor any animals. Luna can play with her toys quietly at home alone and she is house-trained and crate-trained.