Luna    *Adopted*


【Age】4.5 months old

  (As of Feb 2019)


【Weight】5.2 kg


Luna was rescued from a ditch. The love mom was on her way to her usual stray feeding area and she heard a cry. She went close and saw Luna stranded down the ditch.


Luna is very playful, affectionate and passionate with people. She warms up fast with female strangers, but takes a little bit more time to male strangers. Once she knew she is in a safe environment, Luna is very cuddly, friendly and she loves to cuddle and giving kisses! Luna loves attention from people and she will keep staring at you until you pet her. Luna also loves to play with children as well! Luna loves to play with other dogs and she can be very energetic playing with other dogs. Luna also has no problem staying by herself and play with her toys alone as well. Luna is food-motivated, but she doesn’t guard her food against people or other animals. Luna is afraid of the cats that she will freeze in front of the cats but she will still wag her tail to show them that she is friendly, and she won’t approach cats by herself unless they approach her first. Loud sound and sudden noise don’t seem to bother Luna. Luna will grow to be medium-sized in her adulthood. She is playful and she will be great with family with an active lifestyle.